I’ve been slacking on here quite a bit. I’m on instagram a whole lot now though. I sort of suck at it and have minimal followers. @shawn_cobb

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    El Mark


    Oxycodone // Glassjaw

    Would I lie to you?
    Yeah, I’d like to.
    Over and over, over and over.

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    Lake of Blood - Destroyer of Vices


    Gaza Hell Crown

    Let’s cut our wrists and flop around like Rainbirds until we bleed out.

    In other news; the Dow Jones Industrial average is down 666 points on word that men are having sex with other men.
    That’s right, Charles.
    Some are even suggesting that evolution should be taught in science classes.
    May Dale Earnhardt rest in peace.
    Praise Jesus.
    Seacrest out.
    Hell Crown.
    Heaven Born.
    Bring some latex hose and a hatchet and i will make sure the light won’t ever touch you again.
    Hell Crown.
    Heaven Born.
    We are black princes.
    We are the ram.
    We deserve everything.

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    I’ve never listened to Killer Mike since the majority of southern rap really doesn’t appeal to me, but this album is apparently entirely produced by El-P and that’s enough reason to listen to anything. Awesome.

    I do greatly enjoy electronic music when it’s done well. 

    Burial - Loner

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